Why consider Hedge Fund Accounting Industry as your career?

The industry is continuously evolving with varied products and assets classes – private equity, real estate, crypto, wide variety of derivatives and other OTC deals on one side and continuously evolving new fund structures, complex fees provisions, customized agreements between Fund Managers and Investors/traders related to fees, allocations etc on the other side. This phenomenon poses an un-ending challenge for all the participants of the industry including the Fund Administrator, that’s where the role and need of qualified professionals come into picture. The industry utilizes the skill and capabilities of the qualified professional to handle all these industry ongoing challenges and dynamism and offers an accomplished professional career path.

Why consider NAV as your preferred career partner?

NAV offers a complete suite of services to deliver best-in-class Fund Administration.
NAV is well equipped to handle the ongoing new developments in the industry with its in-house technological capabilities and a big team of seasoned professionals. A FinTech organization, NAV has an advantage in this competitive industry due to its ability to provide innovative solutions to its clients, allowing them to remain competitive.

Nav offers:


Sustained and long history of best in industry career growth in all terms – monetary as well non-monetary.

Socially Responsible

Socially responsible organization – a true believer of giving back to the society.

Client retention ratio

Sustained and a long history of 30 years outstanding client service with 99% client retention ratio.


Best in class infrastructure – state of art facilities spread across multiple locations to ensure least commuting by staff members.

Innovative Ideas

NAV is an embodiment of Open-Door culture and a place which fosters and encourages your independent thought process, innovative ideas and professional excellence.

Join our Finance team

We have a team of the most skilled experts in the field of Accounting. We are proud of our ability to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry.