We have the world's most skilled accounting and IT specialists who are shaping the future of the IT-enabled accounting support to fund administrations.


The NAV India team thrives on fast-paced challenges and a dynamic work environment that allows them to gain holistic domain experience. The practise of on-the-go training and learning every day, at the most competitive compensation and benefits, helps our team members design a unique career path for themselves.

The company understands the importance of a 360° development of an individual. The idea of growth is not just limited to career progression but also is geared towards overall physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. We are committed to make certain that all of our team members are in best of health every day when they come to work. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure along with our health and wellness programmes, our unique programs and policies empower each employee to strike a balance between their work commitments and their fitness goals.

Career Growth/Progression

Career Growth

You will experience rapid professional advancement with NAV India. The flexible and energetic work atmosphere allows one to get experience with the complete process cycle rather than just a portion of it. You will have the opportunity to see the complete scope of work, select your area of interest, and progress accordingly. The organisation encourages the candidate's passion and ensures that he or she can begin at a level which fits their experience and work their way up.

Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits

We recognise that exceptional skills merit exceptional compensation. We offer the most competitive compensation levels and benefits in the industry.
Your family is as important to NAV as it is to you. We provide you and your family with comprehensive insurance coverage. We also offer a fully operational crèche with a full-time attendant to watch over your child while you work. Our full-time on-site physicians ensure your and your family's good health.



Each of our 2,250+ team members is committed to fostering an environment where every individual's opinion matters. We adhere to an open-door policy in the organisation, where ideas and opinions are valued more than seniority.
NAV's diversity and inclusion policy enables team members from many geographies, genders, and educational backgrounds to collaborate on the company's overall development. We believe in the three T's: Trust, Transparency, and Transfer of power. Through delegation of work, rewards and recognitions, fostering a sense of belonging among all team members, we instil these three traits into our corporate culture.

State of the Art Infrastructure

State of the Art Infrastructure

We believe that quality infrastructure facilities are crucial to productivity. Our six ultramodern facilities in Jaipur are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a variety of recreational amenities, such as space for indoor and outdoor sports, a gym with an on-site trainer, and a cafeteria serving a variety of cuisines.
Through our fully-functional crèche, we ensure that your child is comfortable and well-cared for while you meet your commitments. Our newest structure is also fitted with air filtration devices to ensure your continued good health. We recognise that we must contribute to environmental sustainability. All of our facilities are equipped with solar panels and rain harvesting systems.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

At NAV, we recognise the value of a healthy body and mind for optimum efficiency. Our on-site dietician and fitness instructor are readily available to assist you in achieving your best health. During rush hours and peak work seasons, our team members are able to de-stress and re-energize thanks to our wellness sessions, massage facilities, yoga, and meditation classes. We are devoted to assisting team members in achieving balance between their personal and professional development.

Core Values



Continuously improve our services – innovatively & expeditiously



Responsive to people development, process & technology up-gradation



Be aware to the needs of our clients and treat them as “life long partners”



Trust, respect and appreciate our employees and go beyond – “call of duty”