Privacy Policy Notice
NAV Backoffice (Back Office IT Solutions) is committed to preserving the privacy of all nonpublic personal information it receives and maintains. This policy describes what nonpublic personal information NAV collects, how it is used and what measures are taken to safeguard the confidentiality of this information.

NAV receives and keeps records of nonpublic personal information of its clients, former clients and their investors. The information is collected on the documentation provided by clients and their investors as part of the due diligence process and in the course of performing the services. This information includes contact information, banking information, social security number, date of birth, and citizenship. It also includes transactions history, as well as information about interactions with our websites.

The nonpublic personal information received and maintained by NAV is considered as Confidential Information under, and is protected by, the relevant provisions of the Engagements and Service Agreements between NAV and its clients. NAV does not disclose said nonpublic personal information to anyone other than to affiliated members of NAV in the course of performing the services, as permitted under the paragraphs of the Engagements and Service Agreements relating to Confidential Information, and as otherwise directed by the clients.

NAV does not use the nonpublic personal information of NAV’s clients, former clients or their respective investors for its own benefit. The information is utilized exclusively by NAV to fulfill its responsibilities under the Engagement(s) or Service Agreement(s).

Information Security
In order to safeguard nonpublic personal information, NAV has adopted, implemented and adheres to an Information Security and Risk Management Policy (“ISRM Policy”). NAV’s ISRM Policy: defines which employees have access to the nonpublic personal information; describes the safeguards and controls used to protect the nonpublic personal information; and includes a description of the administrative, electronic and technical security measures in place.

Please contact our Compliance Officer, Niru Patel, at or contact us at (630) 954-1919 if you have any questions regarding the ISRM Policy.